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Building Site Skips & Supplies

When you have a lot of waste to get rid of on a building site, whether it is rubble and hardcore from the starts of a project, or perhaps broken tools, it is important that you choose a good skip hire company to get rid of all the rubbish. The sorts of tools you might see on a building site could include Belle cement mixers, diggers, shovels and more. Any time these items get broken they are no longer any good for the job, so it is a good idea to get rid of them sensibly!

Smaller Dust Carts & Bonfires From Days Of Yore


In just a couple of hundred years we humans have wrecked parts of this fragile planet.  When I grew up dustmen called every week, collecting much smaller bins and we used to burn a lot of unwanted stuff in the back garden – but the Clean air bill stopped that after the smogs of the […]

Suppliers Must Shoulder Disposal Of Heavy Packaging


We can’t get away from the problem of garbage, rubbish, plastics etc. mounting up around where we live and work.   This of course is one of the unplanned consequences of world wide industrialisation.   Everything we buy comes packaged up to the max and heavy domestic products like a fridge or washing machine will come with […]

Responsibility For Skip Content Rests With Hirer To A Point


The safety of skip hire is not something most people think of at all in their working week.  Let’s be fair, I have never had to worry whether a skip near by has had an inspection to say well done for getting it parked in that small space on the verge or even smaller space […]

Keeping Tabs & Cameras On The Skip You Hire


One of the best murder stories I watched on tv dramas came from Finland.  Very dark and not much sunlight throught half the year and dark sunlight for the rest.  The huskie dogs are trained to respond quickly to all eventualities and yet they’re the fiercest looking animals in the world.  The point is that […]

Massive Fly Tipping Problems Caused By Rogue Traders


Hiring a skip is generally the best way to dispose of household junk in one fell swoop.  There are chaps who advertise their rubbish disposal services but some of them are not honest and there has been a great deal of fly tipping happening in the countryside.  What’s even more aggravating is that is the […]

Safety & Legal Aspects Covered With Skip Hire


There are quite a few things in every day life that pass me by – getting rid of a substantial amount of household waste is one for starters.  I have never had any need to do this at any time.  It therefore came as quite a surprise when a newly installed neioghbour asked me where […]

Where to Find Skip Hire Near You


Hiring a skip is actually much easier than many people think – there are lots of different companies offering skip hire throughout the UK. Some of the best ways to find reliable skip companies is to ask your neighbours if they have any recommendations for you, or simply search online for a local company. Online […]

Different Size Skips to Hire


Most skip hire companies offer a range of different sized skips, which can be used in different ways.  The majority of skip hire companies measure in yards. Here is an example of the different sizes of skip you might come across. 2 Yard mini skip: this is perfect for low volume waste clearance, such as […]

Disposing of Plastic Bags


We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste we handle, and plastic single use bags are a nightmare for many! Here are some different ways to reuse and recycle your plastic bags and film. 1. Return to the shop: lots of larger shops will happily take single use plastic bags […]