A Skip For Legal Disposal Of Household Clearouts


Doesn’t it just annoy you when a neighbour dumps their junk all over the pavemement, hoping that the wheelie bin men will take it away.  Instead of hiring a skip!  The recyling and domestic rubbish rules are quite clearly laid out in the leaflet that accompanies the annual council tax notice – It’s to show just how much we can say we get for our hundreds of £s per month.  I agree that we get a fair few services but on the other hand, the tidy tip should be open far more hours than it is.  The authorities decided to cut the hours, way back during that disasterous Covid induced torpure and we have never returned to the normal service.  The sheer annoyace folk feel when they need to dispose of decorating or other domestic rubbish is immense and they vent that frustration by dumping the stuff in laybys ad on the street.  The only way to safely dispose of unwanted garbage, more than a bag worth, is to hire a mini skip or a regular one for larger projects.