Different Size Skips to Hire


Most skip hire companies offer a range of different sized skips, which can be used in different ways.  The majority of skip hire companies measure in yards. Here is an example of the different sizes of skip you might come across.

2 Yard mini skip: this is perfect for low volume waste clearance, such as in a garden.

4 yard mini skip: this should be able to hold around 80 bin bags, perfect for gardens and small house clearance.

6 yard builder skip: holds around 120 bin bags, suits large home or building site clearance.

10 yard skip: takes about 200 bin bags, ideal for more industrial purposes.

12 yard skip: holds around 240 bin bags and is perfect for large building site clearance and industrial uses.

Remember also though that the hirer is responsible for whatever is disposed of in that skip so be aware of any neighbours using your skip hire to dispose of illegal items.   Or tradesmen tipping their junk in to your skip.