Disposing Of Plastics & Domestic Non Recycling


With all the young folk now taking such a keen interest in our planet and stopping us older ones from ruining it any further, we need to step up  ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste we handle, and plastic single use bags are a nightmare for many!  There are not that many different ways to reuse and recycle your plastic bags and film.

Return anything to the shop where you bought it – lots of bigger stores will happily take single use plastic bags back. If you can, purchase a few “bag for life” style bags, which will be replaced for free when they wear out.

Carry them to a specialist recycling point: some recycling depots do have the facilities to recycle plastics, others do not. Check your local facilities online.  There are folk who advertise their disposal services – be wary as many of them are sharks who take your goods and your money but then just dump the stuff in fields and alleyways.    All big disposals need a legally supplied skip – that way you know the stuff will be disposed of properly.