Flytippers Are Scourge Of Countryside & Mankind


There have to be laws in place to stop folk from fly tipping all their domestic garbage out in the countryside.  We do indeed have a bunch of laws in each county and council.  This does not stop the less fair minded of society from dumping all kinds of unmentionable muck and unloved furniture wherever they decide is easiest for them.  When they get caught, and several are every week, they are so thick, they don’t realise that they are often tailed from where they picked up their load – sometimes councils are on to them already and put a tracer on a collection – it then tells the council where it’s been flytipped, and of critically, by whom.

If only the mean minded swines had hired a ski.  Very reasonable outlay gets a deent sized skip for a set period and at the end, the skip is easily removed from site.  The garbage mountain is contained in the skip, it’s all disposed of legally and cleanly.