Getting The Garbage Collected and Disposed Of Legally


Unfortunately these days there are many seriously unsociable folk about. Mostly travelling fraternity it has been suggeested by those poor souls who are affected by the blight left behind.  Not only are travellers’ mobile and very moveable sites rubbish strewn most of the time, but when they are pushed on, they leave everything they don’t need, so that it’s unusable by anyone else and costs the county council thousands of pounds every year to clear up.   The same goes for folk who advertise themselves as clearance contractors i.e they will pick up van loads of other folks’ garbage, waste and stuff that’s too much for the usual household recycling or garbage bins and happily take said garbage to the tidy tip, for a modest fee.   Now though because van content disposal is very much chargeable and very limited, many vans are emptied on the kerbside of country laybys or just in gateways.    There are some excellent ways to dispose of this ever present garbage; hiring a skip or the skip bags that can be collected by the skip company.