Grim Problems From Tidy Tips Being Shut


There can be no doubt that whilst the country was in the midst of lockdown and no tidy tips were operating, we saw a massive hike in the amount of fly tipping.  There were piles of diabolical muck left around in country laybys and over farmers’ gates.  It’s hard to understand the mentality of the people who commit this crime – when they’re caught, they’re always, without exception, of the lowest common denominator of society.  Because companies had staffing problems, decent folk were unable to hire skips and many fell for the local ‘man with van’ ad to rid themselves of their waste, not reaslising that all he’d do is fly tip it  .. . . because the tips weren’t open!  Even one of our senior royals has been outspoken about the blight of fly tipping, and to emphasise, pointing out that if the tips had been opened, there would have been sufficient social distancing – no one gets very close to anyone else at a tidy tip!