Hiring A Skip Ensures Safe & Lawful Disposal


There are many rules and regulations surrounding the disposal of household waste.  At one time, before everything came wrapped and packaged in plastic and polystyrene, polythene and strapping, we used to have our three piece suite delivered by the store, covered in blankets and sheets kept for the purpose.  New washing machines were also covered by sheets, then carried from the van to the kitchen on a sack barrow.  Coal was delivered to the home and deposited in the coal bunker – loose and not in plastic bags.  We have so much to get rid of these days and the local councils pleading poverty all the time gives them reason to keep the tidy tip closed far too much.  So when there is a lot of stuff to get rid of, some folk cheat and flytip.  This is shoddy and costs us all much more in the long run.  The way to dispose of a lot of stuff in one go is to hire a skip.  The company will enquire what will be disposed as they are responsible for the safe and legal disposal of everything put in their skips.  They know all the current rules and it’s worth their fee to know you’re not handing your debris over to fly tippers.