Keeping Tabs & Cameras On The Skip You Hire


One of the best murder stories I watched on tv dramas came from Finland.  Very dark and not much sunlight throught half the year and dark sunlight for the rest.  The huskie dogs are trained to respond quickly to all eventualities and yet they’re the fiercest looking animals in the world.  The point is that anyone can ide a body in a skip.  Everyone who has tremendous upper body strength and a will of iron.  The dogs in a skip yard hae to keep out snoopers and damage makers.    Ensuring an outside camera is fixed oin the skip whilst on your drive is also a good idea.  Because of the rules on responsibility for the contents of the skip, and apart from taking up space you need for your own garbage, the fly tippers have a field day with someone else’s skip.  Asll kinds of illegal stuff can be tossed in.   Having a lid on the skip is a more expensive option but sometime well worth that extra.