Keeping The Homestead Clear Of Garbage


Whilst away on a little travel oddysy around some of the most startlingly beautiful and under populated landscapes around, I was very impressed by the cleanliness around me.  The air was supremely clean and fresh – there was absolutely no garbage strewn about.  This is such a ghastly feature of our road system nowadays – you drive along a dual carriageway and without fail there are plastic bags, food containers, drinks cans and bottles flung all over the verges.  I cannot understand why the person who buys the food can’t take the packaging back with them to dispose of when they park up for the night!  But back to the travelogue.  It was refreshing to note that people did have use of skips to dispose of their unwanted stuff and anything else was recycled as much as possible, broken down to component parts where they could and as little as possible actually put in to land fill.  Over here we hire skips, mini or standard whenever we carry out anything that has more than a car load of junk/garbage to be got rid of.  The skip company takes over the responsible disposal of the contents and as they are licenced, it is deflintely in their favour to stick rigidly to the rules.