Large Skip, Small Skip, Or Bag System?


It is a really difficult decisions to makek, whether to have a large skip that will take all the rubbish to be disposed of, or a smaller bag skip design that is neater and easier for delivery, placement and retrieval.   The problem with a large skip, even in the nicest of neighbourhoods is that of other folk filling your hired skip with all their unwanted junk – often before you’ve even had a chance to deposit yours in it.  There are covers that can be provided, but they are generally quite easy to get past and a determined person will of course just cut into it.  I have seen the bag system in operation – it is neat, looks like those very heavy duty hessian bags that sand and gravel arrive in.  These afford no protection from rogue dumpsters though.   The skip companjy will provide best advise and they have to give the householder a list of rules and regulations that cover the responsibiity of the hirer.