Massive Fly Tipping Problems Caused By Rogue Traders


Hiring a skip is generally the best way to dispose of household junk in one fell swoop.  There are chaps who advertise their rubbish disposal services but some of them are not honest and there has been a great deal of fly tipping happening in the countryside.  What’s even more aggravating is that is the responsibility of the householder who hired the man and van to check that the rubbish is disposed of legally in the right manner and place.  Any documentary evidence found in fly tipped goods can be traced back to the householder.  Tv consumer rights programmes have caught out many of these rogue tippers and it’s fun to see them named and shamed, but it hasn’t stopped the practice.  They just move on and find another field.  If the local councils let their tidy tips open more frequently, this problem would not be so bad of course as householders would take their own junk down at times to suit them.