Neighbour’s Skip Gives Endless Fascination


There is a house a few doors down from mine, the same design in fact.  They have been having some sort of refurbishment work done over the last few weeks.  In fact the amount of stuff deposited in their skip has been nothing short of amazing.  In fact, I suspect it’s a whole jnew kitchen job anhd bathrooms too.  Every day there is another lot of window or door frames or a cabinet carcass.  The only thing still in the original shape seems to be the front of the house.  I do wonder what goes through their minds when folk go round a house for sale.  Do they look and see a tiny kitchen, where I see a reasonably proportioned family cooking space?   It’s a good job they hired a massive skip, it has been emptied at least 4 times in si months.  I will miss it when it goes, the endless fascination will leave a gap in this busy body’s day!