Responsibility For Skip Content Rests With Hirer To A Point


The safety of skip hire is not something most people think of at all in their working week.  Let’s be fair, I have never had to worry whether a skip near by has had an inspection to say well done for getting it parked in that small space on the verge or even smaller space on the front drive.   the hirer of the skip becomes responsible for every little item that gets bung in it.  So if you’re hiring a skip for any reason, to remove bulding debris, gardening, just house clearance, then the respsibility lies with you to ensure only the type of rubbish discussed at point of hiring enters the tip.  The rules move on a bit once the skip hire lorry comes back to collect, the entire covered load becomes their responsibility as far as tipping it safely and lawfully comes into play.   The hire company has to be fully insured and licenced to dispose of garbage, particularly if any asbestos has been found, however tiny a particle.