Size Guides For UK Skip Hire


There are all sorts of ways of clearing up as you go when carrying out any sort of household clearance or renovation work.  Taking stuff down the tip is usually the common ‘go to’ occupation at weekends.  However a simpler and much safer way to dispose of more tha a car boot load is to hire a skip.  They come in a variety of sizes, referred to as ‘yards’  and these are standard across the industry.   So a baby skip is 4 yard, the dimensions typically 183cm long x 135cm wide x 92cm high.  This would suit small household refurbishments, DIY jobs and small garden clearance. 6 yard would be slightly larger  with 8 yard and 12 yard being the seriously big end of the market.   The latter comes in at 370cm lond x 175cm wide x 183cm high which makes it ideal for major contruction projects, office and retail clearouts and larger renovations.  Obviously the hire price is cogent to the size selected.  There are instances when a permit is needed – as a separate subject..