Skip Hire Can Reduce Fly Tipping


In recent months there has been a great deal of problem with the local tidy tips being shut.  The excuse was because of the global virus pandemic However, it is possible to hire a skip to reduce unwanted garbage….There are of course many rules and regulations in place to ensure we protect each other and the environment.  Breaking these rules will incur additional charges and in some cases a local authority fine.  Things that are definitely not allowed include asbestos – this needs to be removed from a site by a fully trained and certificated technician.  Tyres, paint, fridges, pesticides, oils and medical waste.  All of these items post great risk to both the public and environment.  They have to be disposed of separately in their own dedicated section at the local tip.    Of course, the lack of open council tips means that the unsocial element of socity will ifly tip – driving out to a beauty spot and dumping van loads of garbage, posing a huge blight on the area and massive clean up costs for the local community council.