Skip Is Safest For Disposing Domestic Junk


There is a house just further along in our cul de sac – the tenants have been running a child care facility for some 30 years and rented that house because it was much biger than their own home.  When they decided to give up the business, so much stuff had been worn out and wasn’t in fit or good enough state to be moved up to their own home they bought to move to reitre into.  The best solution was to hire a skip.  I was amazed just how much stuff they managed to rid themselves of in a week.  I helped them to lift in a two seater sofa, two ruined mattresses and bed bases, three old wooden cots and an unbelievable number of badly broken toys and play things.  It is so much better to hire a skip to dispose of a lot of things like that.  No danger of them falling into the hands of people who then use faulty goods for children.   A skip hire company disposes of the waste safely and totally within the law.