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Welcome to CSM Skip Hire

We provide a range of skips which come in different sizes so that whatever you need the skip for, the waste will always be fully accommodated. Use guidance as follows:

Mini Skip


Bin Bags Approx

Midi skips are about 4 cubic yards - ideal for small home renovation, landscaping or trade jobs.

Suitable to fit Driveway / Garden

Mini Skip


Bin Bags Approx

Maxi, or builders’ skips, are 8 cubic yards and most suited to commercial jobs and large, bulky items.

Suitable for larger items & Commercial Waste

CSM Skip Hire will always deliver an outstanding service at prices to match your budget.

Midi Skip Hire - 4 cubic yards (roughly 3m³) of space for larger waste content such as materials gained from kitchen and bathroom refurbishments. This skip will fully accommodate larger items that would almost certainly pose a health and safety risk if left lying about or if disposed of incorrectly.

Maxi Skip Hire - 8 cubic yards (roughly 6m³) of space for anything from building site waste materials, shop renovation cast-offs or just large amounts of materials and objects.

We have a team of experts who can assist you every step of the way on the road to complete waste disposal, which ultimately leads to one of our specialist treatment plants that are designed specifically to handle all types of waste.

Call CSM Skip Hire today and we'll start you on the journey to correct waste containment and disposal!

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