Smaller Dust Carts & Bonfires From Days Of Yore


In just a couple of hundred years we humans have wrecked parts of this fragile planet.  When I grew up dustmen called every week, collecting much smaller bins and we used to burn a lot of unwanted stuff in the back garden – but the Clean air bill stopped that after the smogs of the 1950s.   I can remember well the clamour for the next new toy or gadget.    Every new item was heralded with excitement and we just couldn’t get enough of these one use only plastic goods streaming in from Taiwan and Hong Kong.  But on the other hand In those days we used to buy our groceries and put them in hessian shopping bags we took.  I remember Gran taking her cumbersome wheeled shopping basket – basically a large waste paper basket that attached to a couple of wheels & with a curved hook walking stick for steering and mobility. .  . .  rudimentary, but effective in the day.  We didn’t have streams of plastic shopping bags.  Our bacon and meats were wrapped in plain white paper sheets.  Vegetables were put into brown paper bags.  We didn’t start polluting the planet by bunging masses of one use plastic goods in skips and council waste tips then.