Space For Skips Needs To Be Built Into Properties


With the ever increasing pressure on our housing stock, the building of new estates is very high on many council agendas.  The need to provide affordable homes has the greatest say when committees of all sorts sit down to decide jut where houses can be built – robust planning rules  have been somewhat watered down to allow for these unprecedented times  There will always be tidy house holds and very many untidy ones – so when the developers are choosing designs and layouts of family estates, they really need to make allowance for the number of cars any family may eventually acquire and also skip location.  Many families want to update kitchens and bathrooms during their tenure – when there are no driveways and only a shared vehicle park offsite, this leaves absolutely no space for a skit to be located and changed regularly throughout the life of the build.  It’s down tot the contractor and developer to take away all the debris and dispose safely and legally – some do and a great many do not do.  These latter contriute greatly to the huge problem we hae nationally of fly tipping.  When contractors cannot get to use the tidy tip because of logistics, it’s often them who dump stuf in country lanes and fields – because they cant dispose legally when they need to.