Suppliers Must Shoulder Disposal Of Heavy Packaging


We can’t get away from the problem of garbage, rubbish, plastics etc. mounting up around where we live and work.   This of course is one of the unplanned consequences of world wide industrialisation.   Everything we buy comes packaged up to the max and heavy domestic products like a fridge or washing machine will come with polystyrene protectors all round it, strapped to the unit with miles of sticky plastic adhesive and the outer coating will be thick cardboard with massive staples in it.  The unit will be polythene wrapped on a pallet for ease of transportation. When my neighbour had a brand new american style fridge/freezer delivered in December, it had so much packaging to get off before the engineer could install it.  They were were pleased that the engineer took it all away and they didn’t need to find a home for it!    There should be laws making  suppliers of all heavily wrapped and packaged goods shoulder the responsibility of finding ways to dispose safely of their garbage, not leave it for the domestic home owner to sort it out at the local tidy tip.